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The answer may surprise you. You might think it's a particular product or feature or branding scheme of yours. But if you talked to your customers-really talked to them-you might discover that it's something else. Maybe it's how your brand makes them feel. Maybe it's your empathetic customer service. Maybe it's the way you deeply understand your customer's needs. Maybe it's just you, who people like and feel good about supporting.

Whatever, the answer we want to get you thinking about your own uniqueness, and how to turn that into the most impactful marketing possible. You don't just want to tell your story. You want to tell the version of your story that people most want to hear! That's what we are all about at Re-Gen Consulting. 


You have big marketing needs without a big marketing budget

Your company might be small to mid-size but is growing rapidly. You have people in place on your marketing team but they don’t have the experience to take your marketing strategy to the next level. You’ve thought about hiring a full-time CMO but aren’t sure you have the need or the budget quite yet.

The sales team lacks support

If your sales team is spending more time on creating sales collateral and presentations than actual selling, it might be time to call in the marketing cavalry. Your company needs a comprehensive strategy and targeted marketing plan that brings in leads for your sales team to close.

You need to fill a leadership hole in your marketing strategy

For many companies, a marketing plan just sort of evolves. They try one thing and move on to the next, without strategic direction. The President or CEO might provide occasional input, but nobody is really taking a hard look at potentially transformative marketing strategies.

Your target market doesn’t understand your business

If there are potential ideal customers that don’t know what you offer, then you have a big problem. Marketing is not an ad hoc activity, where your team performs random acts of marketing. It is a logical process that creates a customer experience and moves prospects through a coordinated buying journey.

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